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Chicago Industrial Catalytic, Ltd. - Industrial Scrap Metal Buying and Recycling Chicago, IL

Chicago Industrial Catalytic, Ltd. specializes in buying and recycling metal from auto wreckers, towing companies, scrap metal companies and other related businesses. Our company maintains quality service in our market with flexibility in what we purchase and our services. Individuals with automotive scrap are encouraged to bring your non-ferrous metals to us for a great deal. Metal workers, contractors, and others looking for metal parts are encouraged to find fine used and recycled metals right here.
Broken car — scrap metal recycling in Chicago, IL
Metal Scrap Close up — scrap metal recycling in Chicago, IL
Catalytic converter — recycled metal in Chicago, IL

Turn your catalytic converters or scrap metal into easy cash! Call (773) 247-9550

We come to your commercial business or industry! Call for pickup service at your business